‘Atlas’ is a series of photographic studies mapping the space beneath us. The location is the underpass of the A38(M), next to the Tame Valley Canal in Birmingham, UK.


The main feature the maps depict is the evidence of squalor, a nighttime world, which as a society we are all too happy to look away from. The images were inspired by the NASA photographs of the Moon’s surface, taken by the Astronauts during the Moon landings.


I will never be able to travel to the Moon, but in the underpass I can visit another alien world, equally as beautiful, that is worthy of exploration. I experience a deep spiritual sense to these spaces, and being there is rather like being in a church or holy place, a sanctuary from the world around, where one can commune with god.


The images were created by photographing a given area with multiple photographs, and then stitching them together using Photoshop’s Photomerge function. By creating the work this way, you are collaborating with the software as to how the final image will look, which brings with it a sense of excitement and spontaneity.