Dumped. is a series of photographs taken of objects collected from a black bin bags fly-tipped at a layby on the main road near where I live.


As I started to sift through the items, I realised that they contained the story of somebody’s life, from a family snapshot and an unborn baby scan through to underwear and used bedsheets and disturbingly a police evidence consent form.  Did they represent a life discarded, forgotten or rebirth? A moving on, of leaving a past life behind and re-inventing oneself?


The themes of sex, death, new life, family, imperfection, and time passing are prevalent in these images. They are all wells within my own life that cause a great deal of pain that I've tried to hide. So, this work is really about myself and the psychological work I'm currently doing within my current therapy sessions.


The last image isn’t of an article found within the bin bag but of the disposable gloves I used to sift through and handle the items. It’s as if I needed to protect myself from the dirt and impurity I felt were contained within the objects.

The items were photographed very matter-of-fact on a lightbox, giving the feeling of recorded, examined, and catalogued evidence.

Although there is an overarching melancholy and sadness to these photographs, rubbish can be beautiful.