In memory of a journey 

As long as I can remember I would make the journey to see my Grandparents two or three times a year. They lived in the centre of Birmingham, which fascinated me, and I always looked forward to the journey very much. Even as an adult, the ritual of visiting them, and the excitement of travelling back to the city thrilled me.


In 2013 my Grandmother passed away (my Grandfather having done so in 1988). This was a huge loss to me, but I realised that it wasn’t just the person I was grieving, but the journey as well. With my Grandmother no longer alive, a journey I had made several times a year, that I looked forward to and was an important part of my life, no longer had to be made.


The images which form ‘In memory of a journey’ were taken on my phone, out of a moving car window, on part of the route from where I currently live to Birmingham. As the journey was taken at night, the way the camera tried to capture the almost pitch black of the darkness intrigued me. It’s like the software is desperately trying to capture an image, any image, but struggling to make sense of what’s it’s been asked to capture.


Although the resulting images look like nothing, even ‘non photographs’, they are in fact attempts to capture light in the darkness.