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In praise of nothing

June 26, 2019

Shot by 62 cinematographers across 70 countries, this satirical film follows nothing's journey to escape a life of being misunderstood. Narration is provided by Iggy Pop.

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Oscar Murillo: Violent Amnesia

June 18, 2019

Colombian artist, and 2019 Turner prize nominee, Oscar Murillo’s exhibition at Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge.

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Alice in the Cities

June 14, 2019

Wim Wenders 1974 German road movie about Philip, a frustrated German reporter who reluctantly accepts temporary custody of Alice, the daughter of a woman he had a chance meeting with in New York. Shot in black and white, with a sound track by Can.


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Grandma Lo-Fi

February 08, 2018

Grandma Lo-Fi is the name of the documentary about Icelander, Sigríður Níelsdóttir. At the age of 70 she started writing songs with her electronic keyboard and a tape deck, and in a period of seven years wrote over 600 songs over 59 albums.

Watch the trailer here.

Dead Slow Ahead

February 11, 2018

Cinematographer turned director, Mauro Herce's film of the voyage of freight ship. A very desolate but meditative film, which has the feel of a sci-fi film set on another world.

Watch the official trailer here.

Red Star Over Russia: A revolution in visual culture 1905–55

February 03, 2018

Exhibition at the Tate Modern to mark the centenary of the Russian revolution. The core of the exhibition is taken from the collection of graphic designer and photographer David King, and explores how designers, artists and photographers responded to the birth of the Soviet Union.

Watch a video about the exhibition here.

Instant Stories. Wim Wenders' Polaroids

February 03, 2018

Exhibition of previously unseen Polaroid work of German film maker Wim Wenders, at the Photographers Gallery in London.

Watch an interview with Wim Wenders talking about the exhibition here.

Jeff Tweedy

February 09, 2018

Wilco front man, Jeff Tweedy's solo tour concert at The Barbican in London. Was great to hear some of my favourite songs performed acoustically, including Via Chicago, Misunderstood and Jesus etc.

Bill Viola: The Road to St Paul's

January 04, 2018

Film documenting the creation of artist Bill Viola's permanent video installations in St Paul's Cathedral.

Watch a clip of the film here

Tokyo Godfathers

January 03, 2018

Wonderful Japanese anime directed by Satoshi Son, about three homeless people who find an abandoned baby on the streets of Tokyo on Christmas Eve, and their attempts to reunite the baby with it’s parents.

Watch the trailer here

The Jesus & Mary Chain

September 23, 2017

This week I saw The Jesus & Mary Chain play at The Waterfront in Norwich, touring their new album 'Damage and Joy'. It was the first time I'ld seen them, and they blew me away, with 'Some Candy Talking', Just Like Honey and 'Reverence' being standouts. I just can't get enough of that feedback drenched guitar!


Watch the official 'Just Like Honey' video

Soul of a Nation: Art in the Age of Black Power

September 22, 2017

Moving exhibition at The Tate Modern, featuring Black American Artists inspired by the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s and 1970s. Included is the powerful painting 'America the Beautiful' (1960) by Norman Lewis (pictured).


Leviathan (2014) film

September 11, 2017

Leviathan is a captivating film about power, corruption and God, by Russian film maker Andrey Zvyagintsev. Set in a fictional town on the coast of the Barents Sea, the cinematography is stunning.


Watch the official trailer.

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