Time watching

Time watching, was an exhibition that I undertook for the University of Hertfordshire, and shown at the Margaret Harvey Gallery in St Albans, UK, from 11 March to 16 May 2009.


Using techniques similar to time-lapse photography, the work combines multiple photographs to create a single image, which viewed in their entirety can take on a collective ambience that differs from the individual photographs and sequences from which they are constructed. On occasion the photographs are visually still, while at other times they explore the energy of movement, but the one constant theme that dominates my work at present is the passing of time.


Time Watching explores and documents everyday images and situations that are normally overlooked and taken for granted. I combined the images to create disciplined collages that reflect the way that I interact with the environment around me. While there is an ordered nature to the way that I represent my reality, I find that repetition is important to my work, as not only does it afford me the opportunity to view a subject from many differing perspectives, but it can also reflect the repetitiveness that we experience within our very ordinary lives.