Tokyo Street

This project takes photographs of the street, and creates something completely new from it.

The starting point were images I had created whilst in Japan, experimenting with the iPhones panoramic functions. I wanted to create work with the photographs, but wasn’t quite sure how to proceed. I recalled watching a short film by Dimitri Venkov called ‘Hymns of Muscovy’ which made an impact on me. Venkov filmed a journey around Moscow featuring it’s architecture, but turned the resulting footage upside down. Using this as a starting point, I settled at duplicating the original image, mirroring it, and then rotating it by 90 degrees.


The process resulted in creating an image that took on it’s own life, existing in it’s personal new world. The work reminded me of traditional samurai armour, or Kimonos, but seen through a futuristic urban tinted Anime lens.


The work has a sense of play and childlike quality, but there is also a something darker and more sinister going on underneath.